Authentic RSHE

Authentic RSHE
Fertile Heart -Receiving and Giving Creative Love is an all through curriculum designed to be used from Year 4 – Year 11 [primary and secondary schools] where over a period of development children will be guided through 10 modules per year encompassing the whole message of Pope St John Paul II’s incredible vision for shared divine life (grace)
I feel incredibly privileged to be part of this much needed initiative in Catholic education and catechesis and I believe it will become a significant part of the full panoply of the range of apostolates across Britain and Ireland that are serious about the new evangelisation. As the weeks and months unfold I will share more information and details about the project as it grows and as myself and the producers behind the programme entrust this great and urgent work to the Star of the New Evangelisation – Mary our Blessed Mother.

2 thoughts on “Authentic RSHE

  1. Edmuund Happy Feast Day and thank you for sharing this good news!

    Looking forward to catching up with you sometime this week.

    Ad Dominum, Chris


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