I am very grateful to the many many readers over the years [since 2014] who have regularly read and provided me with positive feedback on the various blogs I have written and published. It has always been comforting to know that many people have valued my various musings and repeatedly asked me to continue writing and sharing my reflections and insights in the hope that they might somehow be useful and informative.
This is not so much a blog piece as more of an earnest appeal to friends to please keep me in your prayers over the next few weeks and months as I begin seeking new employment. I was made redundant [“laid off” for the benefit of my non UK readers] last month which came as quite a shock given the fact that I had been the subject of an executive search [headhunted] by my previous employer in 2016.
Suffice to say I now find myself somewhat dislocated and even a little disorientated about what my next steps should be so as to find meaningful employment not only to support my family but as part of my ongoing efforts to earn a living whilst building the Kingdom and being of service to others in some way. I have no idea what the Lord will ask of me next. One is reminded of the words of Our Lord to St. Peter that ‘someone will tie a rope around your waist and lead you where you would rather not go’ but which perhaps whether I like it or not, whether I am prepared for it or not, I must discern as God’s will for me in my life. So amidst all the anxiety and uncertainty I humbly ask you to pray for me some time, that God will show His hand in my ongoing journey for work and mission and that whatever comes my way, I can use my gifts, knowledge and experience to the best of my ability and for His greater glory.In case it’s of any use my LinkdIn page is here

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