“M” is for Mary

Since starting my new job last November I find myself finding to do a lot more driving from home to work and back again and in between destinations for work all over the diocese of Portsmouth. Naturally until I get to know and remember routes to various places I need to rely on a very helpful SatNav device to show me the way. The other day [along with all the usual ‘icons’ and signs on the screen that indicate different things, like where the speed cameras and fuel stations are] i noticed that it also indicates where the next “McDonalds” restaurant is with its well known “M” logo in Red. Personally I can’t stand McDonalds, neither their food nor their outlets. I find them bland, dull and certianly the food is about as unnutritious as you can get. So when I saw the “M” on my SatNav screen I was reminded of the George Ritzer theory of the McDonaldisation of society   http://www.mcdonaldization.com/whatisit.shtml

For a moment I was mildly irritated that McDonalds marketing had found their way in to my quiet private space of my driving time where and when I often do my reflecting and praying.

But then I realised that this occasional “M” appearing on the screen of the device might be something I could use for my spiritual edification and the brief but sporadic intercession for others. So when I am not reciting the Holy Rosary whilst I am driving I have now decided that every time I see the McDonalds “M” on my satnav, I shall recite an an additional prayer or supplication to the Mother of God, for it is She who is our truest compass who can direct and re-direct us to Christ; it is She, the Immaculate one who gives us the most trustworthy and reliable coordinates for the “map” of life so we can navigate our course in day to day challenges and sorrows and joys with the hopeful confidence that we shall arrive at our eternal destination.

So next time you’re driving along and feel tempted to refuel the body with a ready-meal [junk] fast food; instead turn to “M” – Mary your mother asking her to fill your deeper hunger with the spirit of her son, who alone can satisfy our deepest needs and will feed us with an abundance of delight at His heavenly banquet.

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. Saint Jacinta pray for us. Saint Francisco pray for us.


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