Science of the Cross

This week I’ve been assisting with the facilitation of the annual academies and schools conference for the Diocese of Portsmouth. It was a great privilege to be among over 140 colleagues to explore the vision and purpose of Catholic education amidst widespread changes in funding and reorganisation.

My presentation in the morning was about exploring the amazing gifts of four patron Saints which the Bishop of the Diocese has assigned to the reorganisation.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. St Teresa of Calcutta, Blessed John Henry Newman and St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein who was murdered in the Auschwitz gas chamber in 1942).

We have so much to learn from these amazing and holy people. The one thing they have in common was their complete and unequivocal devotion and commitment to the cross of Christ. They lived it intentionally and intensely each and every day.

They were “scientists” of the cross. In other words, their knowledge of its power and its victory over all things was so complete that they never doubted the love of God at any time.

Say a prayer for all those charged with educating the young in Catholic schools that they never tire of the task nor be dismayed by the challenges, assured that the service they give is building up the kingdom.

– Edmund Adamus


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