Friday 16th October 2016: Finding Time to Pray…

This week I am introducing the practice of having occasional guest contributors. Thanks to Catholic wife and mother, Clare Short for her thought for the weekend below! Here’s some sage advice and tips on family prayer which is worth reflecting on as the Pope canonises the amazingly saintly couple Louis and Zelie Martin (parents of the Little Flower and 8 others!) this Sunday in Rome.
Finding time to pray…
Prayer we know is simply a raising of one’s mind and heart to God. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?. There is certainly not only one correct way to pray. Different personalities find different techniques that they prefer. One really good way of praying that I have found is to listen to prayer. This suits my personality. I remember as a little girl how my mum would put story tapes on whilst I did colouring books. The combination of sitting still and listening while my hands were kept busy seemed to really work. As my mind and my hands were kept busy, I would relax into the story I was listening to and focusing on it really very deeply without even realising I was doing it!

Now that I am a busy mum with three children, I don’t get very much time to sit and pray quietly. So like most mums, I decided to multi-task! I pray while I do housework. I pray in the car on the school run. I pray when I cook the dinner. Sometimes this is just a simple raising of my heart and mind to God:“I love you Jesus” “I need you today God” “Please Mother Mary, watch over my kids and my husband today”. But sometimes I like to pray in a more formatted kind of way.

I like to use the Divine Office and Rosary apps on my phone. I find this works really well wherever I am. I just carry on with whatever I am doing but listen at the same time. I sometimes get the luxury of being able to give the prayers my full attention, and sometimes I have several noisy children around me. But that doesn’t matter one bit.  There is always at least one thing I have listened to that will strike a chord with me that day. I know that even if I only get one thing from that day’s prayer, then that is enough to sustain my friendship and intimacy with God.

A fruit of this way of praying is that my husband and children have become very familiar with the prayers. My kids like to play with Lego while they listen. And in the car on the way to school, they now join in the responses with me. In fact, they probably know them better than I do!

Check out and find the Interactive Rosary in your app store!


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