Friday 13th March 2015: To Mother with Love!

Earlier this week the Holy Father asked “What is the most important thing that we must give our children? Belonging, belonging to a home.  Belonging is given through love, with care, with time, in hand, listening to them, playing with them, giving them what they need in every moment for their growth. …”

As my wife and I prepare to uproot our life and our family to a new house next week, it strikes me that of all the things we families try to provide ourselves as spouses, and our children if we’re blessed with them, is a safe place, a home, a sanctuary where we, and those who avail of our hospitality, can be themselves. It also strikes me that getting a house – a roof over one’s head – is one thing, but making it a home, truly home,  a ‘seedbed of virtues’, as Pope Benedict calls it, which cultivates life, love and flourishing, is an altogether different thing and one that needs the help of THE home-maker of all home-makers, the Mother of God.

So this weekend, as we celebrate Laetare Sunday – Mothering Sunday – let us renew our love and appreciation for all mothers. Let’s not forget what cherished home-makers they are and how grateful we are for the unique contribution woman and mothers make to the vitality and spiritual and emotional warmth of the home. For the love that they engender therein is but a foretaste of the complete acceptance we will all experience, God willing, around the heavenly hearth and homestead in the company of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Let’s at least try to say one decade of the Most Holy Rosary this weekend, as families and for our mothers, both living and dead, aside from all the other enjoyable comforts we might indulge in for Mother’s Day. As Pope Francis concluded: “the most important thing is faith. It hurts me a lot when I meet children that do not know how to make the sign of the cross. These children have not received the most important thing a father and mother can give them: the faith.”

– Edmund Adamus
Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

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