Friday 14th November 2014: How to strengthen your marriage in 60 seconds!

In his recent pastoral letter on the tumultuous events in Rome, Cardinal Nichols reminded us that the word ‘synod’ means “journeying together”. It got me thinking of how just going for a little stroll as a couple or family walk in the park can make all the difference to the quality and authenticity of our time together as family members.

We tend to talk more as we are walking along and perhaps even listen to and hear one another more on the way too; just like those despondent disciples did on the road to Emmaus when the Risen Christ walked up beside them. Like those disciples who felt tired and downcast, so too does the Lord whisper in our hearts, “what were you speaking about along the way?”, as we go for a stroll together or family walk. And Jesus so wants to open the Scriptures for us, so our hearts burn within us just like He did for the disciples en route to Emmaus. So amidst our busy hectic lives even on a weekend, below is a little resource that might just help.

The innovative group of couples behind Two in One Flesh and who brought us the invaluable “3 Year Cycle” reflections on the Sunday readings for spouses (“I Am With You”) have now produced MARRIAGE MATTERS. These are weekly snippets specially adapted to just 60 words that husbands and wives can read together, pray about and act on as part of their weekly worship and spirituality throughout the week. If you want your marriage to reach 60 years and be ‘golden’, then why not think about how you might fill 60 seconds by reading 60 words which might help you pray the 60 minutes of the Sunday Mass! Parishes might like to cut and paste the relevant week’s reflection for their bulletin too. The programme is also endorsed by Bishop Jean Laffitte, Secretary to The Pontifical Council for the Family.

And for couples who might have some occasional time, why not think about enriching your own marriage by stepping up to help Explore? Explore is the educational charity providing remote marriage preparation to youth by enabling ordinary everyday faithful couples answer questions directly from students in high schools and colleges. Feedback from youngsters is overwhelmingly positive and it’s great fun for spouses to inspire the next generation to aspire to lifelong matrimony. So why not join this exciting new apostolate!   Single folk, widows/widowers can volunteer too as need people who will fulfil a facilitator role in the classroom between the couple and students. Further info at Mrs Mary McGhee will take up her new post as Local Development Officer for this work on 1st December! Contact

– Edmund Adamus

Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

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