Friday 10th October 2014: Marriage Preparation is at the Heart of a Strong Marriage!

In the second edition of this bulletin we cannot help but be encouraged by the news from the extraordinary synod in Rome that a stronger emphasis upon marriage preparation is being urged. Obviously it goes without saying that engaged couples sincerely seeking a Catholic marriage deserve the best possible support and preparation. However preparing for marriage starts much sooner in life; indeed from infancy upwards which is why children will see how their parents and others who are married truly model that commitment.

So when the synod says there’s a “need for greater preparation for marriage, especially among the young” I’d like to introduce the ground-breaking work of the educational charity Explore.

How does it work?

Volunteer husbands and wives go in to high schools colleges and prisons to have open dialogue with youth about what makes for lifelong committed marriage. The feedback from students and staff is overwhelmingly positive. Time again young people speak of having fresh hope for their future after having encountered real couples. I cannot recommend Explore highly enough. It is perfect for remote marriage preparation, it provides automatic marital enrichment for the spouses and it helps tick those all important PSHE and SRE boxes for the schools who participate. If we want to inspire the young to aspire to lifelong sacramental marriage in the Church then I encourage couples and single people who care about marriage to think about volunteering or supporting Explore as an essential part of our response for the new evangelisation.

We are hoping to recruit a new part-time coordinator for this important work with young people in schools. Contact me for further details.

– Edmund Adamus

Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life – Diocese of Westminster

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